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I think that’s a problem with this kind of Serato thing. I own 30000 titles, at least. Now if I had 30000 titles on my Serato I would never be able to choose the next record. I’d be like, “Hmmm, well maybe…hmmm, don’t know”, and then that one runs out. And it’s like “Shit!” So I carry a hundred records and maybe some CDs with stuff that isn’t on vinyl. Limitation is the mother of creativity. To have less selection actually forces you to select better. So now in my record bag every record is amazing. And I could pretty much randomly pick one out, and that would be a great record. Because I can’t carry 500 average records or ones that maybe I’ll get the chance to play this one. I have to actually carry that stuff around, so all records in my bag are good records and I just have to get them in the right order.

DJ Harvey Citation

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