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We are at our sexiest when we feel the most confident. We are at our least attractive when we are sure of our inadequacies and practically cave in on ourselves to conceal them… We all handicap ourselves with insecurity, and it’s up to us to reset the self-worth scale and alter the message we sound out into the world… So how do we remind ourselves of our fabulousness without letting our self-doubt or the criticism of others drag us down? Triggers. We wear heels. We get waxed. We do things that make us attractive to ourselves and, therefore, able to allow others to do the same. And they work… Confidence is a state of mind, but sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to realize it. There is nothing wrong with embracing the tools that allow us to get there; heels, bikini waxes, whatever. As long as we’re aware of the fact that we are worth the same with or without these tools…

Olivia Wilde

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