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We came from a naked avocado ranch

We touched off the grid

and into the richness of nature’s bounty

Your response to trembled words

That look, that cuts

through the surface of your eyes

Soft penetration

and kisses to wild abandonment

How awkward i became with out all of my carry things

After all these years, all the work, all my success?

Even that moment last week when I really kicked ass?

Your lessons force me to drop all falsehoods

And without these I am as striped as the trees

open as the valley

farsighted as an Eagle

and vulnerable as the rabbit I crave for dinner

It begins swollen and smooth

and here we are presented: Choice

Break Through and Do the Do

or Stop Breathing and Wait

for next time

I stare into a familiar texture

and the power of your words

float over in layers

My mind lost its ripples

And i put them back

But it was not easy


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