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I always find it weird when people say that, 'How can you dance to
breaks.' I mean, how can you dance to house? The tribal rhythms is where we
came from. It disturbs me that kids now are so weaned on the 4/4 that they
can't dance to anything that doesn't have that. You see the way people move
to house or trance, they actually sort of march, they stand on the spot
and move their arms. But when you put on a breaks record they actually
swing their hips and start dancing. When people say how can you dance to
breaks, it disturbs me, [chuckles] You know trance is so undanceable, you just
sort of march, you can't swing and groove to it, you know what I mean?
You stand there, make shapes with your hands, gurn a bit and you're off!

Adam Freeland

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