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The three most important negative mental attitudes or delusional emotions are called the Three Poisons, these are anger, attachment and ignorance. Underlying all negative emotions are one or more of these three, with ignorance at the bases of all negative emotions (see also the page on mind). Ignorance here, mainly refers to the Buddhist concept of lack of wisdom, or insight into the actual way that things exist.

His Holiness the 7th Dalai
Lama (from 'Songs
of spiritual change
' translated by Glenn Mullin) wrote on attachment
and anger:

"Merchants come from the north and south,

To gather in the trading center;

But after three days have passed,

Each goes his separate way.

Meeting for but a flash in time,

They should avoid fights and fancies.

Hooked by karmas from previous lives,

Love and hatred run fierce,

But soon we all go our own ways,

And each takes his suited rebirth.

Right now abandon interpersonal discrimination

Made on the basis of attachment and aversion."

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