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The great art is to sit, and wait, and let it come. Let what come? Sit and wait for what? For the goodness that is already yours. For the wisdom that is you. For the infinite potential that is the birthright of every living thing to unfold. Too often, we are doing too much. We're looking outside of ourselves for that which can only come from within. There's no point in pursuing enlightenment. By running towards it, it runs away. The great masters knew the art of sitting and allowing the great mystery to unfold before them. They knew how to relax the mind and body and stop holding themselves in a pattern of resistance to the flow of life. Be patient with yourself and your highest unfolding. Be patient with the flow of wisdom as it comes. Be patient with your monkey mind as it chatters in hyperactivity. Be patient with your heart as it releases layers of hurt. Allow your highest joy and your deepest sadness just to be. Sit, and wait, and let the wisdom of the Universe come to you. Sit, and wait, and instead of trying to be joyful, let joy be you. It will come.

Yogi Bajan

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