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I don't mean to sound naive but I kinda dig that Bruce lee quote you posted. I don't completely understand it though. Could you explain it to me?
The way I see it…

Truth is not to be found in a scripture, nor in the words of any teacher. Nobody can hand-down truth, because it is subjectively experienced by each individual—it therefore changes, according to one’s experiences. Becoming aware of the subjective nature of the experience of “truth,” you can’t become elitist or arrogant about “knowing” it, because truth isn’t dogmatic or defined by traditions.

You’ll find plenty of people who think they’ve got a handle on The Truth, but what you most often have is people regurgitating the “truth” as defined by others before them. Most spiritual elitism is derived from one’s having memorized someone else’s interpretation of the world (dogma)—not an experience of anything “true” in a personal sense.

Think on that for a while, if you don’t believe me… “Spiritual” people hear others speaking of certain experiences or ideas, then basically program their own experiences to match them. Truth requires no teachers, and has no “levels,” because it doesn’t rely on a handed-down curriculum.

Ultimately, the perception of truth is only possible when one sheds old “programs,” and stops allowing anyone else to have a say in his/her experiences of the world. That’s the main reason people take to the wilderness for spiritual quests. Wilderness is free of egos and dogma.

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