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But markup, CSS, and content strategy only represent a small sliver of what makes up a successful modern web project. Today’s web is a series of complex digital products, and building one means expertise in technology architecture, scaling, server-side application programming, client-side application programming, deployment, social media, marketing, user experience, interaction design—and yes, content strategy, CSS, and HTML markup (and probably several more things that are escaping me at the moment).

You may be thinking, “but I can’t do all that myself.” No, you probably can’t. But the greatest products on today’s web are cases where teams have integrated each of these thoughtfully and elegantly. The true beauty of any great digital product lies in the intersection between these various aspects. Without people understanding the big picture of how a modern web project works, from top to bottom, there is bound to be failure at these all-important integration points

Jeff Croft Citation

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