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Academic and behavioural expert Professor B J Fogg of Stanford University argues² that when our motivation is high there are three priorities we should follow to achieve lasting behavioural change.

Do hard things that structure future behaviour, e.g. make a firm commitment such as entering a 10km race, booking a personal trainer, joining a club, signing up to a class, booking some healthy-eating cookery lessons, creating a joint pact with a friend, cutting up a credit card or setting up a default.
Do hard things that reduce future barriers to the ideal behaviour. For example, if your goal is to eat more healthily, at times of high motivation you could buy, wash and cut up vegetables to keep in the fridge so it’s easy to make healthy meals during the week when your motivation may be flagging. Or, to make sure you train for your 10km race, you could take some gym clothes and shower things in to leave at work so it’s simple to pop out to the gym in your lunch break.
Do hard things that increase your skills and abilities which will enable you to change your behaviour, e.g. learn a new sport or a language, read up on nutrition, improve your financial literacy. Getting real-time feedback can also help you learn and sharpen up your abilities – so technology such as a Garmin GPS watch or a Nike+ Fuelband will help you track your training sessions, and installing a money management app so you can see your activity in your bank account will increase your control of your finances.

Crawford Hollingworth Citation

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