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gerbert's Life List

I'm doing 8 things

1. get fit

2. learn to surf

3. Start my own business

4. Minimize existing clutter and excess possessions

5. learn to touch type

6. Learn Spanish

7. Write a dark romantic comedy

8. Practice fine art

How I quit Smoking
It took me 60 days - It made me healthier
How I did it: After numerous attempts to quit, I decided to try Chantix. It works differently than other drugs. It blocks the pleasure receptors so when you smoke your brain doesn't get the usual pleasure response. You start by taking the chantix while you smoke your regular amount, then you gradually cut back on the cigs. Your brain won't even know it's missing anything as you cut back... it's magic! This drug is not good for people who suffer from de… Read how I did it…

How I fixed my back
It took me 180 - It made me not ache
How I did it: I tore a ligament in my back and suffered with back pain for 6 months. I awoke to pain every morning. Finally I decided I had enough and I researched the hell out of it. I read the 4 Hour Body which recommended biopuncture for healing. I saw a ND (naturopathic Doctor), cut back on inflammatory food, and had biopuncture done... the visit to the ND was definitely worth the expense.After a couple months of diet change and biopuncture I … Read how I did it…

learn to touch type
Free Software
After looking all over for some decent (free) typing software, I finally found a good one: Stamina.

So far so good. It takes some getting used to, but it is very powerful.

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