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I feel like the sheer strangeness of being human -- driven by animal desires but aspiring towards higher impulses -- gives everybody something important and valuable to say, regardless of their background. I mean, let's be honest, it's weird being a human.

We create (beauty/family/something/anything/art/whatever) in the face of a seemingly random sequence of events we call life. Life is indeed kind of a cosmic joke. (It's nice to laugh and sing whenever possible. Feels like you're "in on the joke.") We seek to impose order on events but sometimes, well, shit happens. Also, knowing you're gonna die, well, I also think that makes every single person on earth a potential poet or songwriter or painter or whatever. The poems/songs/paintings may be bad but you gotta start somewhere. I think those two simple facts about being human -- (1) trapped between the mucky mud and the fleeting transcendence just beyond our grasp & (2) knowing about our own demise -- makes every voice important and worth hearing. I mean, it's difficult to write a poem about Dorito's or fantasy football, I'm not saying all topics are interesting, I'm just saying every human has something important to share, whether they know it or not.

Bill Baird Citation

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