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Zen practices and Marijuana

From one angle, there is the precept "Proceed clearly- do not intoxicate the mind." So there's that, we have this recommendation not to partake in intoxicants. Some describe the precepts as sort of a description of how an "awakened person" lives. Do with that what you will.
Aside from that, I find that pot makes me lazy, cloudy-headed, and just seems to be a stumbling block. I would take a look at why you feel it's necessary to smoke pot. What are you getting from it? What are you escaping? I think with pot, alcohol, most stuff like that, people use them to escape sobriety. Why is sobriety too difficult for some folks to handle? Maybe we should just sit with sobriety until it's no longer "sitting with sobriety", instead of chasing it off with pot.

The herb is better when enjoyed sparingly.

There is no positive and negative. The moment is not affected, perhaps your observation of it may be, but whatever that observation may be, it is still zen. When meditating, stop labeling thoughts and perceptions, just let them arise and fall.
I've noticed that with pot, it is easy to give in to your desires and thoughts (munchies, fapping, couch lock), but instead, just notice that you are having these desires. Marijuana makes you hypersensitive, so take the chance to sit in observation of every sound, sight, feel, taste, and smell. I find that once you actually are still, pot may improve the meditation.

Personally, I won’t consume cannabis until the necessary daily rituals have been performed: Exercise, zazen, work, chores, etc..
At the end of the day cannabis becomes the holy grail of ceremonial and spiritual ceremonies.


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