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Highest form of intelligence
Highest form of intelligence

1.The ability to understand people's motivations. If you don't understand people, they become arbitrary. You'll live in a world where people screw you over for no reason, and you'll waste a lot of energy being angry and depressed. You might also think people's actions have something to do with you when they don't. This will mess with your self-image and hinder your interactions with other people. You'll have a lot of trouble resolving conflicts because good conflict resolution requires both parties to see the other person's side. This will cause you to lose friends and put you at a disadvantage in your career. It also makes people hate you.

2. The ability to just listen. Most people passively listen. They're interested, but it's just part of a conversation. Really listening to someone takes more than just listening. It takes understanding. It takes observation of the person you're listening to. Knowing when to ask questions and give advice, and when to just be quiet and just listen to every word. When someone confides in you and knows you'll be there to listen when they really need it, that's the beginning of amazing friendships and relationships where you're not only lovers, but also the best of friends. Everyone needs someone to just listen, from time to time.

In India, we are influenced to follow H.O.P.E (Home, Office, People, Expectations) . Our lives revolve around Buying Home, Going to Office, Listening to people and living upto people Expectations. Unfollow the crowd and make a difference! Its good to have things but if you are influenced to think then sorry my friend... First live your dream then this will automatically come!

3.Intelligence isn't what you know. It's knowing what you don't know.

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