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LPT: How to be photogenic self.LifeProTips
Submitted 8 hours ago by lastoftheyagahe
Ever feel like you just don't come across with your best side in photos for some reason? Here are some tips to help you look solid in most photos. No one looks great all the time, but these can help.
1) Smile with your eyes.
A lot of people just smile with their mouths, but the key to a genuine looking smile is the creasing next to your eyes. Show a little warmth with a little squint.
2) Jut your jaw out slightly.
This will help you avoid the dreaded "double chin" look. Don't go overboard on this though.
3) Aim your gaze 5 to 8 inches above the lens.
This will help with the double chin, and it also will prevent you from looking like you are cross eyed or have a lazy eye, which can sometimes happen, if your eyes are pointed right at the lens.
4) Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth.
This will tighten up your neck and the skin under your chin and make you look trim and healthy!

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