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LPT: Get people to like you by speaking their love language.

Communicate love/respect/friendship to a person in the 'language' they understand - there are 5. For context, here is an example of when you invite someone over to your place.

Physical touch - Greet them with a handshake, hug, kiss.. whatever is appropriate to your culture and relationship.
Acts of Service - "Can I carry that for you? Can I take your coat?" Offer to help in some way.
Receiving Gifts - Offer them a beverage, food, token, or other thoughtful item.
Quality Time - Give them attention, listen; put away the distractions and focus on their story.
Words of Affirmation - Pay him or her a genuine compliment.

Not every action is going to resonate with every person, so I prefer to hit them all with a shotgun approach. My parents called this being a good host, but now I understand why. The way it makes people feel when you connect with their love language (credit to Gary Chapman) is truly inspiring. Try it out!


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