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While Stewart and I are not saying all cats are grey, or that it doesn’t matter how one votes, he and I are saying that we need to make sure we don’t treat people like monoliths; we need to shatter stereotypes. It is important that we approach people as complex, and as infinite contradictions, as noted earlier. Rather than label people in terms of one-size-fits-all constructs, we need to ask them about their hopes and fears, why they have such hopes and fears, and how they came to their passion positions.
All too often, we allow political candidates, media outlets and peer pressure groups to herd us into false binary positions that reduce us to this or that stance, and this or that value. Facebook and Twitter can feed into the problem, too. Seemingly everything you need to know about an issue or a person can be summed up in 140 characters; but we are all characters with quirks that cannot be summed up and shipped off into cyberspace so smoothly.

Paul Louis Metzger  Citation

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